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Time and again, yoga has been understood as being limited to Asanas (yoga poses), its benefits perceived to be at the body level only. We failed to realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind and breath. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calm, happy and fulfilling. Yoga is not just another exercise regimen, learn yoga for the holistic experience. It is necessary to know exactly what effect each pose will have on your physiology and psychology to reap the full benefits.The power of yoga lies in its simplicity, flexibility and diversity. Yoga is not a religion, the yogic philosophy and its numerous techniques can be followed by anyone and everyone around the world.

Adopting yoga lifestyle is an integral part of successful yoga practice. Evolution in yoga depends not only on your practice of asana, it is important to consider what you do during the rest of the day. Each moment in our life leads to various situations and we deal with these either in optimistic or pessimistic way. Remaining calm and not responding to such situations is also a kind of response. Yogic lifestyle involves integrating your mind, body and soul to perform karma that takes you towards good health, peace of mind and ultimate freedom.

At ‘Sanskriti Yoga Studio’ we strive to impart Vedic Yoga and its many forms. The Vedic Yoga is a practice based upon the traditional teachings of the Vedas which are the oldest Sanskrit writings. Through the practice of yoga we aim to find our true nature - Universal Consciousness. The many courses offered by us are based on the teachings enshrined in the Yogic Sanskriti (Culture). Yoga trainer at Sanskriti are proficient in designing yoga classes for individuals, groups and corporates. Our yoga classes are dynamic and different every time and the focus is on correct alignment and techniques.

Yoga classes are challenging yet very rejuvenating and guiding you from health to happiness is our goal. Yoga classes will include:
• Practice of various stretching and strengthening Asanas for all-round fitness
• Practice of Pranayama- breathing exercises for therapeutical and spiritual benefits. Helping us to increase energy levels, improve mood and stamina
• Exercises to release stress and tension specially in the eyes, head, neck, and shoulders
• Exercises to increase flexibility with the help of yoga props
• Practice Meditation and concentration techniques. Helps to enhance creativity, focus and self-discipline.
• Relaxation and YogNidra
• Cleansing techniques
• Focus on proper body alignment to attain improved posture

Ms Subodh Pundeer

Ms. Subodh Pundeer

Certified Yoga Teacher

Born in a family with deep rooted tradition of practicing ‘Yoga’ and ‘Fire Puja’, she began practicing Yoga at an early age under the able guidance of her esteemed Guru, Yogiraj Shri Rajpal Ji. Practice of yoga has helped her to remain calm, serene and always in command of herself. While working in many MNC’s and other organisations, she kept the connection to yoga alive and continued herpractice. Her passion for yoga kept her eager to learn more and she completed the yoga teacher certification from World Yoga Alliance, USA. She has attended workshop on ‘The Science of Pranayama: A presentation based on scientificevidence conducted by Patanjali Research Foundation & University of Patanjali, Rishikesh, India. Also, worked as intern yoga teacher at RishikeshYogPeeth, Rishikesh to enhance and deepen her knowledge on asanas, pranayama and philosophy. Every year she spend a month in her Guru’s ashramto practice asana, meditation and enhance her knowledge of philosophy. All these trainings have helped her to deepen her knowledge on Yoga flows, Postures, Sequences, Breathing exercises (Pranayama), Concentration techniques (Mudra), Anatomy, Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) and philosophy.

Sundeep Malik

Certified Yoga Teacher

He was first introduced to Yoga at age of 10 while attending a Yoga workshop, later he completed his 1 years of yoga certificate course from YogMahavidyalay, Bhayla, Uttar Pradesh, India in year 2006 which covered all aspects of Astang and Hatha Yoga in depth. Thereafter he got an opportunity to work as a Yoga Instructor in same college for 1 year. On completion of his studies and after practicing yoga for many years, he got to travel and work in China as a yoga teacher. Later he joined a corporate job in Singapore however he kept his connection to Yoga alive and it guided him to think clearly and as a result wasable to grow to Project Manager’s position.Daily Yoga practise kept his mind, body and soul connected and motivated him to deepen his knowledge about yoga. After leaving the office job, he went on to complete his 200 hour YTT and 300 hour YTT at RishikeshYogPeeth (Affiliated to World Yoga Alliance, USA). There he studied the integral teachings of Swami Patanjali, “The Yoga Sutras, BhagvadGeeta, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Karma Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama in depth. He strongly believe that “A positive mind finds opportunity in everything and yoga has helped him immeasurably to keep his spirits high and mind positive.”

Sundeep Malik

Opening Hours

Time and again, yoga has been understood as being limited to Asanas (yoga poses), its benefits perceived to be at the body level only.

  • Mondays-Fridays: 10AM to 7PM
  • Saturdays: 11AM to 3PM
  • Sundays: Closed

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    Sanskriti Yoga Studio
  • 516, Guru Nanak Rd,
    Near Panchayti Mandir,
    Subhash Nagar, Dehradun,
    Uttarakhand 248002

  • Phone :- +91- 9557016661
  • Email:- info@sanskritiyoga.com


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